Server Solution

Providing state of the art server solutions and support is another core competency of RAMPC. We grip any kind of server issue and provide our services on any kind of operating system. We take pride in boosting our networking team as experts on Microsoft products.


RAMPC total server support solutions are geared for addressing our clients’ server and internet infrastructure requirements. We provide a state of the art server infrastructure with maximum security, reliability and optimized for peak performance. Our team of experienced network professionals is equipped with the latest industry trends to individualize our clients’ server requirements.


Initial Server Installation and Configuration

RAMPC, as mentioned previously, boost our networking team as experts of any operating system, software and hardware. Hence our clients can easily be dependable on us. We provide server support, from rack-mounting a server to security audits, software updates to operating systems and troubleshooting with dedicated attention to our clients.


The total of services of that fall under initial server installation and configuration is given below:

  1. Server rack-mounting
  2. Server operating system installation (Microsoft Windows)
  3. Software updates
  4. Security audit
  5. Log Watch configuration
  6. User administration
  7. Access control
  8. Kernel update
  9. RPM package audit
  10. TCP/IP issue handling
  11. Server file maintenance
  12. Server backup
  13. Installation and ongoing maintenance of server-based applications
  14. Maintaining server security
  15. Coordinating with the technology service desk for server and network operating system upgrades
  16. Ensuring that server configurations, service packs and patch levels, and security settings conform to UCOP policies


  1. Email Server
  2. Firewall Server
  3. File & Backup Server
  4. Antivirus Server
  5. Proxy Server
  6. Video Streaming Server
  7. SPAM Control Solutions
  8. Activity Monitoring Solutions
  9. VPN Solution – Hardware & Software Based
  10. Storage Solutions for Backup & CCTV Recording

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