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In these days of constant reality TV, coupled with the wide use of CCTV surveillance (closed circuit television), you could be forgiven for thinking that nothing in life is private anymore. But, used properly, a security camera can be used to improve safety, security and, peace of mind.

A security camera can be used to help identify perpetrators, to help prevent accidents or wrongdoing, to help protect people and property and, finally, to help observe industrial processes. A recent nationwide survey of a wide variety of companies found that 75 percent utilize video surveillance. This surveillance is, increasingly, as much there to monitor their employees as the general public.

To set up your own video surveillance system, you would need, as a minimum, at least one CCTV security camera and something on which to display the camera images. This could be a computer monitor or a TV set (providing you have “video in” jacks). If you wish to record images, you will need at least a VCR for use with the TC, or a hard drive with available space to use together with your computer monitor.

More than 1 or 2 video surveillance cameras require more complex equipment. These days, multiplexing is performed by a video capture board, recording is done on the computer hard disk or NAS and security camera images are displayed on the computer monitor. Remote computer users can dial-in via modem, access over a Local Area Network or over the Internet to see what is currently being shown by the security camera.

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