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Project Management

What is a technology “project?” We would define a project as any technology-related upgrade or addition that is done outside of the scope of regularly Scheduled Support. Projects done by RAMPC are done professionally meaning we follow the accepted Best Practices of successful companies in the areas of project planning, design, deployment and follow-up.


Projects Process

This process includes planning of clients current business systems by IT Professional.

This Project Evaluation includes: the companies background, a recommended deployment strategy, what business strategy needs the enhancement of such a project, any assumptions, key issues, options analysis, and recommendations provided by the client or the IT professional.

Evaluation is then delivered to a Project Manager who defines the project and develops a Solution Design based on agreed project direction and budget.


Solution Design

The Solutions Design defines: the projects beginning and end, what is going to be done, who is going to do it and what enhancement(s) this will bring to the client. When the client approves the Solution Design it is sent to the deployment team to begin.



Deployment consists of reviewing and configuring specific features, creating a project plan that documents necessary events with specific orders, understanding the options, making necessary transitions and finally, rolling out the designed plan which may include hardware and / or software.



Following up after the deployment of a project, we believe, is one of the most crucial steps in the entire process. Making sure that you are actually happy with the solution and are using it with satisfaction is our utmost concern. We also use this opportunity to take care of any loose ends, assist end users with questions they might have after using the new solution, and obtain feedback on our performance.   

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